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All included products valid on date chosen at purchase. The All Inclusive Ticket is available online only. Get one day at Kings Island and one day at Cedar Point any day the parks are open to the public in through October Not valid for WinterFest.

Valid for parking at Kings Island any one day the park is open to the public during the season. Skip to Next Section Slideshow starts.

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After 4pm Admission. Validity may vary.


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One Low Price. You spend the entire day on your feet, waiting in line for rides. When Cedar Point opens, most visitors enter through the main entrance, and they head for the closest rides. If you do have early entry, enter at the resort entrance near the back and ride Maverick first. I will ride anything in Cedar Point except for Top Thrill Dragster, which goes straight up and straight down. I am firm on that. No big deal. I might have needed a pep talk from Dan last summer when I rode Millennium Force for the first time, but if I had been dead-set against it, he would have understood.

Dan and his family always bring a waterproof deck of euchre cards so we can play euchre in line. Euchre cards are just regular playing cards, but only face cards, nines, and tens. Libbi also had the Heads Up! Spending an hour and a half in line for Gatekeeper was a lot easier after a game of euchre and several rounds of Heads Up! Playing games will add a new level of amusement to your Cedar Point trip.

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Dan carried our phones, his wallet, and a deck of cards in his pockets all day. Cedar Point is also slowly phasing out the bins by the rides to push locker rentals.

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Cedar Point puts on amazing shows, especially during their peak season. If you are creative and have time, the candle shop sells plain white candles that you can dip in colorful melted wax to make your own candle. You can buy all kinds of cool glass figurines and artwork, some imported, some labeled as made in Cedar Point.

Frontiertown offers so many mementos to remember your trip to Cedar Point!

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The bugs can get pretty bad when the sun goes down. Riders at the very front will definitely end up with bugs in their eyes, and everyone is at risk for swallowing bugs if you open your mouth to scream. Cedar Point resort guests also get access to the hotel pool and hot tub. Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Like your husband getting violently ill Saturday night. Shortly after we went to bed Saturday night, Dan started feeling sick.

Cedar Point WINTER CHILL OUT 2019

He spent most of the night retching and feeling nauseated. Sunday morning, I volunteered to do whatever he wanted, and he sent me into the park with Pat, Emily, and Chris to enjoy the 8am early admission for Marathon employees. I came back to the hotel at 10am, when he said he was feeling well enough to go to the park, but asked if we could just ride the classic, tamer rides.

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